Mother and Daughter Share Love for Bright Light Pillow

bright-light-pillow-reviews-a-mommas-journalIn her review of the Bright Light Pillow for a Momma’s Journal, JoymH admits that she was as intrigued by the Bright Light Pillow as was her 2-year old daughter.

“The Bright Light Pillow is indeed very nice to the touch” she says. “it’s so soft and it has a soothing multi-colored LED lights. I wanted it to be mine….” When he daughter spotted the Bright Light Pillow JoymH knew she was going to share it. “The smile on her face is priceless! She loved it, too!”

JoymH goes on to note how the Bright Light Pillow can be “visually cool as a room décor” for any adult while a parent can use it to “put [a] restless kid in bed to fall asleep comfortably….”

She concludes her review by noting how the Bright Light Pillow could be a “great gift” for family members or friends of any age.

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Reviewer Offers Some Bright Light Pillow Tips

bright-light-pillow-reviews-toddler-trails“This week the kids got a chance to sample their own Bright Light Pillow” says Jennifer Willey in her Bright Light Pillow review for Toddler Trails. They “couldn’t wait to get their hands on it” she continues. “The kids immediately grabbed it and hugged and cuddled the pillow.”

Jennifer goes on to describe how to operate the Bright Light Pillow and how it functions well for children afraid of the dark. She then relays some of her thoughts on installing the batteries and cleaning the Bright Light Pillow. Jennifer suggests the following:

• The battery component is inside the pillow, make sure when putting batteries in it you push the pillow down into the middle of the unit.
• The battery compartment requires a Phillips screwdriver to open
• The pillows are not intended to be washed any washer or dryer, must be spot cleaned only
• When first turned on the pillow will glow red for a few seconds and cycle through each color individually before going multicolor

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Bright Light Pillow and Nighttime Fears

bright-light-pillow-reviews-the-female-geneThe Bright Light Pillow was recently reviewed for TheFemaleGene and the Bright Light Pillow reviewer begins by noting how many parents have to sleep with their children afraid to be alone. The Bright Light Pillow, the reviewer continues, can help parents during these types of situations.

“When you think it is time for your kids to get in bed, just tap the pillow to turn on” she stages. The Bright Light Pillow’s “LED lights will start working so that kids will not get frightened in the darkness of night while sleeping alone. And to make a fairy tale like experience, there are 24- colors which change automatically…..As soon as your kid falls asleep, the LED lights will automatically turn off within 15 minutes. “

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The Bright Light Pillow….for Children and Adults

“With kids who are afraid of the dark, we’ve been looking for a solution” says Becky of lil Burghers. “[My daughter] Arianna informed me that the Bright Light Pillow would be a great addition, and I can’t help but agree.”








Becky discusses how the Bright Light Pillow functions and its’ safety features. “They give off no heat, they’re safe for kids to use (ages 8 and up)” she notes.

Becky also confesses her love for the feel of the Bright Light Pillow and says “The lights are definitely a great feature, but my favorite aspect of the pillow is how soft it is. (If I could only have a bed made of the fabric, I’d never get out of it.) I’ll be traveling soon, and am seriously thinking about sneaking it away with me.”

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Tips to Address Childhood Bedtime Fears

childhood-fears-light-brighlight-pillow“It is normal for young children to have fears of the dark and going to bed at night” Cincinnati’s Children’s Medical Center reminds us. “If a fear of the dark or going to bed is preventing your child from falling asleep or sleeping through the night, you may consider some of the following recommendations to help reduce your child’s fear at bedtime or during the night and help him / her to get better sleep.” The article goes on to note say ways parents and guardians might help children to overcome their bedtime fears. If you have a child (or children) who experiences these types of fears consider the following:

1) Allow your child to articulate his/her fears: You don’t want to force your child to discuss their bedtime fears but you also want to make sure you don’t minimalize them. What seems silly to you may seem extremely real to a child.
2) Don’t support the fears: After you child expressing his/her fear(s) you want to make sure you are not building on those fears. “For example,” the Cincinnati Children article states, “if he / she is afraid of monsters, don’t get out the monster repellant spray or broom to sweep the monster away. These actions tend to make children think you believe in the imagined object as well.”
3) Consider giving your child a security object: Many children have special objects or toys that help them feel more relaxed during bedtime. The Bright Light Pillow can be such an object for some children.
4) Consider a nightlight: A dimmed light can provide a sense of comfort and security, even for children not afraid of the dark. The Bright Light Pillow displays low levels of light.
5) Provide companionship: Some children sleep better with a pet or, in some cases, with a sibling.

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Let There Be Some Light: Benefits of Light at Night

Homes of all types – and people of all ages – have been using night lights for decades. Light up devices provide many benefits to you, your family and your children and the Bright Light Pillow is a great way to help you to achieve these advantages.

bright-light-pillow-light-at-nightLights provide illumination in those nighttime moments when you need them the most. Whether it’s a trip to the bathroom or you want to check in on your child in his/her bedroom, small sources of light – like the Bright Light Pillow – help you to find your way without reaching for a light switch and/or creating a room filled with blaring light!

Small sources of light also provide a sense of safety and security. A number of children go through a phase were they can be terrified of the dark and perhaps even experience nightmares. The Bright Light Pillow can help to relieve some of those fears with its’ soft glowing lights.

Low, isolated forms of light can also help in situations where a couple desire different types of sleeping situations. It’s not uncommon for one person to want to sleep in total darkness and another person to want to sleep in some light or with the TV on. The Bright Light Pillow is bright enough to give one person some light but isolated enough to not disturb the other person.

Add a Unique Touch with the Bright Light Pillow

bright-light-pillow-review-jenny-reviews“We all want a unique décor” says the Bright Light Pillow reviewer from JennyReviews and the Bright Light Pillow “has it!”

JennyReviews begins their review by saying that “a pillow is so much better when it’s a Bright Light Pillow” and then goes on to note how Bright Light Pillow stands apart from other kinds of pillows. “It lights up in a way never seen before in any other pillow.”

JennyReviews then highlights many features of the Bright Light Pillow and discusses the available shapes. In closing the review returns to their discussion on how this light up pillow can assist with creation unique décor. The Bright Light Pillow “can add the decorative accent that you’ve been looking for in the bedroom or living room. It’s a cool conversation piece and a practical buy as it works as a pillow and light at the same time.”

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The Bright Light Pillow and the Power of Light

bright-light-pillow-review-thanks-mail-carrierThe Bright Light Pillow was recently considered by review site, Thanks Mail Carrier!, who not only reviewed this light up pillow but also discussed the use of light in various children’s toys.

“Bright Light Pillows are…ultra plush, ultra fun pillows” says reviewer Xenia Sundell. “There hasn’t been a single problem with the quality, softness (you can’t feel the lights in any way!) or durability of the pillow itself and the lights have stayed cool and worked perfectly every time the power button has been pressed.”

This Bright Light Pillow reviewer also stated that “although there are various trends in children’s products, one that has never lost an ounce of its popularity is light…..” and “I have to admit that it’s quite easy to get a little mesmerized watching the colors slowly morph from one to the next across the pillow.”

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Mother of Ambition Reviews the Bright Light Pillow

Amanda, of Mother of Ambition, reviewed the Bright Light Pillow and she shared her review with her readers.

Amanda begins by noting her how kids have been asking for the Bright Light Pillow which they believed looked like “the coolest thing ever.” She decides to get the Pink Beating Heart Bright Light Pillow for her daughter Emma.


“Emma loves her heart pillow and tucks it carefully under the covers most days when she leaves her bed” Amanda reports. “The lights are bright enough to read by but not blinding and I love that they’re LED (don’t get hot and last forever) and turn off by themselves after 15 minutes.”

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Bright Light Pillow and Bedtime

bright-light-pillow-review-geek-alabamaGeek Alabama who discusses how the Bright Light Pillow can assist parents at bedtime. “The idea is to make the pillow soothing enough that kids will want to fall asleep on top of it” says Nathan. “I got the Twinkling Star and the instructions are very easy to follow.”

“Overall, I was very impressed with this pillow, and I think kids, teens, and even adults will love it” Nathan goes on to say. “It will make the bedtime experience much cooler for the kids. And for the adults, you will get your kids to bed faster!”

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